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Are you familiar with such a problem when you have plenty of customers and correspondingly a lot of data but don’t have one handy place to store the information? «Everyday Studio» – is the best solution for dietitian-nutritionist, all the data is kept in one place. It is extremely handy and accessible in any place, from any computer! «Everyday Studio» can automatically calculate proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water and cellulose. The calculations can be done for a meal, day, week or even month!

To make a nutrition program for your customer we suggest you to look through our dishes library. You can add your own dishes to the program or use preset ones. Also we suggest a mobile application for your attention. It will remind your customers about food intakes, let them input their data independently and what is the most important, you will always stay in touch with your customers.

On-line test

On-line test for dietitian’s customers

Everyday team created an on-line test for dietitian’s customers which helps to reduce first appointment time to minimum. Before making an appointment, ask your customer to fill in web-based questionnaire and get assessment on his or her body systems functionality (digestive, locomotive, nervous, cardiovascular), daily calorie and nutrient requirements, and other information useful for analysis. So when you meet your customer you will be able to skip questioning and proceed to recommendations.

Everyday Log

Everyday Log FREE

We realize the importance of every customer to dietitian-nutritionist. So we decided to make a small present to dietitian-nutritionists – an opportunity to try «Everyday log» (diet and training log) absolutely FREE. «Everyday log» acts like calorie content calculator containing customer’s day regimen. As you would admit, the work gets easier and more optimal.

Everyday Calculator

Everyday Calculator FREE

We have already mentioned our calorie content calculator. It is perfect for dietitian-nutritionists as it is always ready to calculate all the calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates saving your time. On-line calorie counter – it is convenient, quick, handy and FREE. As our «Everyday Calculator» does its job, you get plenty of spare time to attract new customers!



Dietitian-nutritionist promotion

Dietitian-nutritionist promotion

If you are a dietitian-nutritionist and seek for additional advertising – you are at the right place. We offer you cooperation by posting on our web site your contact information, articles and videos. We guarantee high demand for your services. Every day you will get customers willing to have your consultation. People trust us as «Everyday Dietitian» is approved by high rating among dietitian-nutritionists.

Dietitian-nutritionist franchising

Dietitian-nutritionist franchising

Among other services we offer «Everyday dietitian-nutritionist franchising». Contact us and become a member of our big friendly family. So you will be able, under certain conditions, to deliver our services and get both satisfaction and profit. Dietitian-nutritionist franchising is a beneficial investment for those open to partnership. Don’t waste time, maybe dietitian-nutritionist franchising is just your choice!

Dietitian-nutritionist outsourcing

Dietitian-nutritionist outsourcing

In 21-st century outsourcing is no longer something unusual. The same is in our advanced and progressive company. We daringly keep up with the time and suggest dietitian-nutritionist outsourcing. «Everyday outsourcing» provides services on diet planning and nutrition consulting for clients of different recreational institutions. We will do all the diet planning for you. Go and check it out!


How to add new Customer in Everyday Studio
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How to add new Customer in Everyday Studio