Everyday team mission

Everyday team mission

Healthy lifestyle (HL) theme is interesting to everyone…

Alas, overwhelming majority has no idea or right nutrition and physical training!

People come to gym to overcome consequences! They struggle against overweight and don’t even realize that the main task for them is to regulate food intake, instead of fighting love handles. As you know, overweight leads to other “pleasures” – bad back and joints, heart disease, skin problems. Every single person on Earth is aware of that. Everybody knows that right nutrition and physical training do a lot of good, but only 5% actually go in for it!

Why?! Why is that so? The thing is that a person sticks to nutrition habits cultivated by the family. Nutrition culture is passed on from one generation to another. Overweight is considered to be genetically determined disease. “I got it from my mom!” – that’s a standard excuse for person having chronic disease.

But the problem is definitely not in mom or dad! It is a matter of habit! The habit passed on from one generation to another!

You should change your habits!

Changing a habit is not an easy task. Do you agree? To change something you have to act a new way, not the one you were taught by your parents, and besides it takes a very long time. Just for that purpose, for good habit formation, we develop our products and services.

A well known proverb says – «a sound mind is in a sound body», but very few people consider its real meaning. It’s as easy as ABC – as soon as you start practicing a healthy living, diet and day regimen, you find yourself in a constantly improving condition.

And it really works! You will see your mood getting better, your power and activity growing, your willingness for action increasing. You eager to live! You lack those feelings and want to reach that condition? It is all in your hands with EVERYDAY.UA.

Our company provides a lot of services which will help you and your relatives. With our help you will be able to get your life under control. For example, you can use our on-line log to control diet and physical training. It is very handy, as you don’t need to fill in a notebook or diary, which can be easily lost, and you will always have quick and easy access to you data. Another on-line service is Everyday calorie-calculator. You should try it once and see how handy it is.

Many of our customers get advantage of our services for a long time and they always stay satisfied.

We offer a number of services and applications designed to help dietitians and fitness instructors, either beginners and experienced.

You might agree that progress and development never done harm to anyone. That’s it! If we talk about our potential clients in the sphere of dietology and fitness, we mean every dietitian-nutritionist, trainer or medical institution. If you are going to deal with diet planning for your customers, you are in right place.

We will help you to promote you business. How? Very simple – we will publish on our website any of you articles or videos, so you could advertise you services to other people.

For those who are interested we also offer «Everyday dietitian nutritionist franchise». What’s that? You will be able to provide our services on individual basis getting profit and enjoyment from business. If you have never tried anything like that – write us and get complete consultation. You might find out it’s all yours.

We can also provide outsourcing services. Want to learn more? You are welcome!

On this website we have complete and detailed information on every service. If you are interested – don’t waste time, learn more. Probably in short time we will go to success together.

  • You want to make your own nutrition plan? Go ahead, our experts will help you.
  • You are a dietitian-nutritionist or fitness trainer and eager to expand the sphere of diet planning for you own customers? No problem!

Don’t hesitate to make your first step to success. Our company works for people and strives to make their life better. In what way? You can learn the details exploring our website.

Our HL applications successfully provide assistance both to end users and experts in this sphere.

Everyday team mission is to improve people’s life quality, propagate healthy lifestyle and develop applications either for end users and business segment, mainly dietitian-nutritionists and fitness trainers.


Our team achievements

Our prime product is Everyday Studio. Powerful diet and fitness training constructor, aimed mainly for experts. The Studio contains expert’s virtual workplace and free mobile application, designed to establish complete and handy communication between the expert and customer.

If you are not an expert but still want to plan your diet on your own, you may try our Diet log or Calorie calculator. These web-applications share Studio’s core functionality and are absolutely free of charge.

Apart from the applications, Everyday team in cooperation with medical practitioners and fitness trainers has developed and successfully introduced several absolutely innovative services in HL business segment:

Everyday projects

Everyday team is also actively engaged in organizing on-line and off-line events, aimed for popularization of healthy lifestyle and forming good habits. Our expert have numerous seminars, trainings and TV-shows under the belts.

We launched a project of training course for dietitian-nutritionists.

Everyday team invites You to mutually beneficial cooperation – let’s make the world happy together.

Everyday – a life with taste!