Unique software package Everyday Studio offers a free service – on-line calorie counter for dietitians and fitness trainers. Our visitors can get instant info on energy consumption and therefor plan nutrition budget with respect of exercise type and organism demands.

Our calorie counter features

Dietitians and professional fitness trainers claim this method as totally new approach in customer service. Its has the following advantages:

  • instant energy value calculation for every food intake;
  • huge database of foodstuff and their characteristics;
  • thorough analysis for optimal choice of dish or foodstuff;
  • creating right menu for protein diet;
  • web link or printout of data for further use.

Our calorie calculator can be used as reference manual, as it is a kind of on-line table containing foodstuff sorted by energy value.

Additional features

Dietitians will appreciate the following functions:

  1. "Enhanced mode" – quick analysis of calorie demand for a particular customer and its amount in created nutrient budget.
  2. "Additional info" – foodstuff minerals and vitamins capacity calculation.

Our calorie calculator will become your indispensable assistant, reducing time and effort for various calculations, making your more efficient.