Want to plan your diet the right way? Everyday diet log – perfect software to plan well balanced ration. Order our excellent product and plan your meals for days, weeks or even months.

Everyday diet log

We created perfect free of charge product – Everyday diet log. The software will become indispensable assistant for everyday use by dietitians and trainers. By using diet log everyone can properly plan daily food intake and thus loose weight. There is very handy feature in the log – you can use preset rations and calculate calories on daily or weekly basis. Also you can create and use your own reference-value scale. Our diet log is designed to consider your specific features and preferences.

 Key advantages

  • Exercise and diet log helps to plan physical loads in correspondence to nutrient budget for several days ahead.
  • Healthy nutrient budget determines which products and at what time should be consumed, what useful properties they have, who they fit best for, etc.
  • For those who want to loose weight fast we offer diet log with calorie calculator. Using the calculator you can compose healthy nutrient budget for several days.
  • Exercise and diet log helps to properly plan and combine physical loads. It fits either for men and women, for dietitians and fitness trainers.

It’s known that calculating proteins/fats/carbohydrates is quite a task. Our diet log is designed to spare you from that process. It can precisely calculate the amount of PFC in any foodstuff.

The advantages of our software are to numerous to mention them all. Let’s point out the major ones:

  1. Calorie calculation. Great time saving feature for those who exercise.
  2. Right foodstuff combination respecting specified physical loads.
  3. Nutrient budget adjustment. The software can accurately and precisely determine whether you nutrition is right and healthy.
  4. Nutrition time line.
  5. Amount of physical exercises.
  6. The software can detect possible problems while exercising, if there is no expected weight loss.
  7. Free diet composing software is perfect labor-saving tool for dietitians and fitness trainers.

Order our software

Our aim is to help dietitians and fitness trainers. With our free software diet log one can plan nutrient budget right and quick. Free product is functional but has certain limitations of course. However for a reasonably small fee you can get professional version, with customer base and many other additional features. Order our software and make diet planning easier.