Healthy lifestyle is probably the best idea mankind could come up with. Nowadays people don’t strive to loose weight in no time and by all means, damaging their own health. The key point in this process is self-care. But taking this challenge on your own can be hard and tedious task, sometimes even giving opposite effect. Naturally the market responded to this request by growing demand for qualified dietitians and nutritionists. So, if you are intended to develop your own business in the sphere of human nutrition, it’s about time. Take advantage of “turn-key” solution by Everyday company and start with your on-line nutritionist’s office.

Business plan for dietitian nutritionist: where to begin?

Despite great demand for advise in proper nutrition and well-balanced diet, it’s not that easy to start as dietitian nutritionist. You will need to:

  • open dietitian nutritionist office
  • make all the calculations
  • organize work-flow properly
  • promote your services effectively
  • find customers
  • chose software, to streamline you work

It’s not a risk-free affair to start as dietitian nutritionist. Everyday company can help you to reduce those risks, by taking advantage of our franchise under favourable conditions. Using our experience and knowledge you can start your business immediately, saving a great deal of time and avoiding many mistakes. Everyday experts will help you to get a fresh start as dietitian nutritionist.

Start as dietitian nutritionist under Everyday brand

Get to work on the base of franchising under our brand – is the best solution for those, seeking successful start and not willing to be diverted by organisational aspects. By choosing our “turn-key” solution, you’ll get an opportunity to stay focused on you activity.

Dietitian nutritionist franchise package – “Basic set”

  • use our logo (the right to use brand, which is already known in Ukraine)














Everyday Studio – is simple, easy-to-use and fast communication tool, which provides speed and handy feedback for dietitian, fitness trainer or nutritionist. It supplies your customers with useful information at the right moment. It preserves cooperation history and carries out Dietitian-Customer system analysis.







  • placing in our catalogue (see “Dietitians“). A good platform where you can attract new customers, place your contact information, articles and videos. All this information will be published on our website, and will help customers from your region to find you.


  • publishing of your personal page with on-line test to attract customers (see “Diet and lifestyle analysis”) Test results with detailed information will be forwarded to you, so you can considerably reduce time for customer’s first appointment or phone consultation.

Diet and lifestyle test

  • configuring of Google Advords for 3 commercial requests in your region with landing of potential customers on your personal catalogue page (like this).

Price: one-off payment – 200 USD, monthly payment – 100 USD

Dietitian nutritionist franchise package –Additional options”

* charged separately from “Basic set”

  • supervision and support of highly qualified dietitian nutritionist, PhD in medicine (help and consulting in developing individual menu for your customer)


Ludmila Turova

Turova Ludmila Alexandrovna

PhD in medicine; senior staff scientist of department of clinical immunology and allergology with section of medical genetics of Bogomolets National medical university and medical institute of SumSU; Head of department of modern dietology and anti-aging nutrition of First cosmetology college; doctor of higher category perinatologist, geneticist, dietitian, nutritionist; Expert in nutritional genomics and healthy diet; Author of more than 80 scientific studies and 4 patents




Access to prepared diets, designed by PhD in medicine, is granted within “Everyday Studio” software.
















Also we provide dietology training at Certified course “Modern practical dietology”