Foodstuff energy value is what you should consider, if you want to lose weight without damage to the health. Weight reduce requires rational approach to nutrition. On the one hand for novices balancing their ration is quite a task. On the other hand, nutritionists and fitness trainers face some problems while regulating Customers’ nutrition just «in words».

One of the key elements for balanced diet and weight loss program is foodstuff energy value. Vegetables, meat, dairy products, cereals – all that has its own caloric or energy value. It’s very important to choose proper foodstuff for everyday meal.

What is the importance of nutritive value?

Experts assert that weight control is not just about physical training. Balanced and rational nutrition is no less important. What is the use of running track drill if it is followed by a couple of hamburgers, sweet soda and some cookies on top of that all?

Daily meal energy value calculation should become a routine. The task may seem boring, but it depends on the approach. «Everyday Studio» software does the job nice and easy:

  • intuitive and handy interface;
  • nice design;
  • huge foodstuff database;
  • bunch of interesting tricks.

Foodstuff energy value table – which one to trust?

Most of those lists and tables in the Internet are too simplified or outdated.

For instance, you plan your daily ration of chicken chop, rice, couple of eggs, tomatoes, glass of juice etc. What do we get from humble energy value table? Just general terms – meat, rice, juice, egg. But what kind of meat or rice? Besides eggs may also vary.

Caloric value of quail and chicken egg differs. Chicken and pork chop have different energy values as well as proteins, fats and carbohydrates content.

That is why nutrition plans based on such lists and tables can be ineffective.

«Everyday Studio» – benefit for the Customer, comfort for the Expert.

Where to get foodstuff energy value table? How to plan daily nutrition? These and many other questions cease to exist as «Everyday Studio» contains vast, handy and reliable database! Besides it is very convenient communication tool between dietitians, fitness trainers and those striving to become slender and healthy. Buy “Everyday Studio”

«Everyday Studio» software makes communication between experts and their Customers much easier. Foodstuff energy value is represented in form of handy and detailed system, so there is no need to search it in the web. Dietitian or nutritionist can choose foodstuff for each Customer depending on age, weight, constitution and planned exercises. No misleads – just thorough and professional plans.

As a result, the expert takes advantage of using powerful software to generate nutrition and exercise plan, and the Customer gets handy tool to control himself.

There is no need to dig into dozens of web sites in search of information (very often controversial). Simply install handy and helpful mobile application.

The advantages of «Everyday Studio» are obvious:

  • detailed foodstuff content: nutritive value, proteins, carbohydrates, fats;
  • always in touch with Customer – updating nutrition and exercise plan within seconds;
  • handy and well thought diary in the form of calendar containing all the arrangements, where different notes on food intakes, exercises etc. can be made;
  • print out option for any diary section.

«Everyday Studio» fights lazybones! They are under constant expert’s supervision now. In «Customers» section expert can check how the client sticks to the plan, its efficiency and weight loss dynamics.

«Everyday Studio» – great opportunity for dietitians or fitness trainers to increase their work efficiency, and for the Customers to forget about idleness, become responsible and achieve serious results.

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