The dream of many is to reach the desired slimness, to look younger and to be healthy. According to  World Health Organization, our health is 55% dependent on lifestyle. The task of every specialist in the area of nutrition is to initially motivate a client to answer the questions honestly: “What is your lifestyle? Do you eat right? Are you ready to change your life for the better?”

How to estimate own lifestyle and nutrition habits?

Those who want to lose weight are perfectly aware of the danger of fatty, farinaceous food and sugary food. They understand that physical activity is necessary for the body, but habits can be strong. It’s hard to limit the food and force yourself to do exercises. The first step towards a healthy weight is an objective estimation of lifestyle and nutrition habits. Everyday company has developed unique смотреть видео online test for clients and nutritionists.

The test is quite extensive (78 questions), consist of 4 sections:

– personal data (4 questions)
– questionary (15 questions)
– lifestyle analysis (48 questions)
– your nutrition (11 questions)

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Advises how to fill the online test form

Everyday company has created this test for helping people to bring back health and colleges to ease their work. To obtain the most reliable result, you should follow a few rules

Answer should be honest. Just believe, no one will condemn anyone, for example, for being overweight and loving fried food before bedtime. We sincerely wish to help.
To fill in all sections it is necessary to describe in detail all the points, with no exceptions, in this case the analysis will be complete and accurate.
Do not rush to the answers. Some lifestyle issues may be confusing at first. Think before you mark the answer.

10 minutes of filling replace 2 hours of communication! And soon the client will receive a detailed nutritionist email.

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What is included in the test results?

In addition to a detailed assessment of the body condition, the client will be additionally provided with recommendations by nutritionists. The answer consists of the following sections:

Evaluation of body systems (digestive, cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, skeleto-muscular system, etc.);

Energy needs (body mass index, daily calories, daily protein requirements, carbohydrate, fats)

Nutritional recommendations (list of recommended foods, list of foods that should be avoided, drinking regime, etc.).

Who needs this test?

The “Analysis of Lifestyle and Nutrition” test is indispensable for starting work with clients who want to correct weight. That is why we included it in the list of services that are available to owners of the Ultra Everyday Studio package. This assessment tool is ideal for nutritionists, fitness instructors and nutrition centers. The specialist will be able to see the full picture of the client’s state  as soon as possible. Our cooperation will help many people safely lose weight, improve their health and start a new life!

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