Power planning from “Everyday”. Planning is a powerful tool for achieving important goals. An excellent result of weight loss is achieved much faster with the proper preparation of training programs and meal plans.. 

What does the meal planning?

The normalization of the weight without compromising health is a long process, requires high will power and required good leadership. Our life is often overloaded with events, information, suddenly arising urgent matters. In this rhythm it is extremely difficult to remember and comply with all the requirements of nutritionists, which directly affects the effect of weight loss.Planner “Everyday Studio” will help nutritionists and fitness trainers quickly and easily create a schedule of meals, drugs, organize physical activity, and those who want to find a beautiful figure gives the opportunity not to forget about the recommendations and stick to them.

Планирование питания

Especially the meal planner from the “Everyday Studio»

The complex of products “Everyday Studio” has already become the basis for the successful work of many nutritionists, its benefits were appreciated by thousands of people who managed to reduce their weight without much difficulty for a long time. Scheduler “Everyday Studio” is the main reference for healthy weight loss. Each created event is another small step on the way to the ideal weight, only it is necessary, to be honest with yourself and strictly observe all the advice.

The main advantages of the scheduler:

  • ease of use;
  • broad details of events;
  • continuous improvement.

Drawing up plans is carried out for a week. This period was not chosen by chance, the weekly plan is convenient for everyone.

Preparation of a program of training and nutrition

Experienced nutritionists and fitness trainers know that each organism is individual, so there are no universal nutrition schemes and training programs. Our planner allows you to make an individual approach to every person who wants to adjust their weight. Using this tool, you can create a comprehensive training program and power for each customer. Events for convenience are highlighted in different colors:

Blue – basic meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner);

Blue – additional snacks;

Pink – unplanned meals;

Orange – taking medicines;

Green </ span> </ strong> – training. </ P>

This visibility makes it easy to navigate from the first minutes of use tool. </ p>

All events can be managed (add, delete, edit, highlight, collapse the row). </ p>

Preparing an individual food program </ strong> </ em> </ h4>

The most painstaking task for those wishing to normalize weight is the calculation of calories, the percentage of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. For many it frightens and becomes a stumbling block on the way to an ideal figure. Scheduler “Everyday Studio” will do it automatically. By creating an individual nutrition plan for the client, the nutritionist must indicate the amount of nutrients and kilocalories. In a vertical column, they are automatically counted, and we can see the total quantitative indicators of the daily diet. </ P>

Mobile App for the Customer </ strong> </ em> </ h4>

</ p> The power supply on-line does not bind anyone to a desktop PC or laptop. Mobile application allows you to be constantly in touch with the Customer, and the Customer can make the necessary adjustments at any time of day. Also, the mobile application serves as a feedback element: The client marks the completed events and this is indicated by a check mark in the personal cabinet of the nutritionist or fint of the trainer. The client does not need to have separate rooms for planning meals and sports training. Our product allows different specialists to enter data into one user’s cabinet. </ p>