Everyday (“Everyday”) respects the right to privacy and values the trust of its customers, partners, patients and employees.

This privacy policy sets forth Everyday’s policy on the use of the diet center automation software and information resources regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of information that

You may share with us through this site or mobile applications. Please read this privacy policy before using this site or our mobile applications.

By using this site or Everyday’s mobile applications and transmitting information through them, you agree to the terms of Everyday’s privacy policy and information practices statement.

Receiving data

Everyday only accepts voluntarily transmitted data that identifies you (such as your name, address, telephone number or email address).

This information may be used by Everyday employees as a way to contact you for additional information, to improve the site or to provide requested information, as well as additional data that Everyday believes may be of interest to you.

The data will not be shared outside the company without your prior approval, but may be used internally within the portal or by the company acting as an agent to process and send mail.

Everyday may also use this information for internal market research or other commercial purposes that may result in benefits.

The data provided may be shared with one of Everyday’s partners (who use the clinic automation software package), in the event that such a decision is made independently by the user.

Everyday stores the data received in an electronic database of voluntarily transmitted information that allows users to be identified. Everyday and its partners may share this information among themselves or with you via the Internet or the Internet in order to provide the services described above.

Although Everyday makes every reasonable effort to protect information obtained through corporate websites, you should keep in mind that there is always some risk in transmitting data over the Internet. We cannot guarantee that our site is 100% secure from hacking or unauthorized access. Any data transmitted over the Internet is subject to some degree of interception. However, information already received and entered into Everyday’s databases is as carefully protected as the clinic’s own confidential information.

We track the total number of visitors to our site, the number of visits to each page, and the domain names of Internet service providers for users of our site. We do not obtain personally identifiable information through this tracking process.

Updating your information

Let us know if you decide not to receive future emails or otherwise contact us, or if you wish to have personal information previously transmitted to us through our site deleted from our databases.

You can also request access to your personal information stored by Everyday and send a request to correct or clarify it. As a reminder about the specifics of correspondence: any emails you forward or receive using your employer’s email system may be the property of your employer. That way, he or she can get a look at your personal information forwarded via email.


Links to Third-Party Resources

For your convenience, our site currently contains links to sites that are not affiliated with Everyday, but which we believe may contain information of interest to you. The privacy policy set forth herein does not apply to third party sites. You should check the third party sites for their privacy policies, confidentiality agreements and procedures for obtaining or forwarding data.


Children Policy

Our site is not intended or designed to attract the attention of children under the age of 14. We do not accept any confidential information from anyone we know in good faith to be a child under the age of 14.



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Using a temporary cookie to track page visits allows us to more accurately analyze web usage statistics.

The information we receive and transmit through these cookies is anonymous and does not reveal any user’s identity. It does not disclose your name, address, phone numbers or email addresses. If you do not want other sites to know about your visits to our site, do not use the links posted on it.


Privacy Policy Updates

Any changes to Everyday’s online privacy policy will be posted on this page.