1. Can I printout the nutrition plan?

Answer: Yes you can printout nutrition plan. The corresponding option is called «Export»

If you tick «advanced export» check box, you’ll printout nutrition plan including all recipes, foodstuff, vitamins and microelements.

2. Can I email the nutrition plan to the Customer?

Answer: Yes, after you have exported and altered (if necessary) the nutrition plan it is saved in MS Word document so you can email it to the Customer.

Besides, your Customers can look through their nutrition plans in our free mobile application.

3. The software can automatically generate nutrition plan for a week. Does it save it or not?

Answer: Yes, the plan is stored so you can use it to compile another nutrition plan for the current or any other Customer.

4. Which tariff plan has option of automatic generation of nutrition plan?

Answer: Nutrition plan automatic generation («Diet generator») is available in «Standard» and «Ultra» tariffs. You can learn more about its functionality in a tutorial video on our channel.

5. What are the terms and conditions of purchasing software?

Answer: We provide access to the corresponding tariff plan as soon as payment on our bank account is confirmed.

6. Can the software generate nutrition plan considering the amount of vitamins in the first place?

Answer: The software does not automatically generate nutrition plan based only on vitamins amount, but you can see vitamins and microelements statics of your nutrition plans.

7. Who provides technical and tutorial support of the software?

Answer: The software is very easy to use. There is thorough printed manual and video tutorial. If you still have questions – we have tech support working (email, chat).

8. Why my energy value calculations differ from yours?

The reason may be in methods of diet energy value (DEV) calculation. You may be using widespread information on foodstuff caloric value taken from works of Shevchenko and Baranov or from common diet calculators, which use the same data.

caloric value table

It is quite accurate and provides reasonably good results, although it operates average values for large stuff classes. The exact values can vary from one stuff to another.

In Everyday Studio we prefer more exact values taken from laboratory findings of Russian and American scientists:

  • 1. Reference book by M.Skurihin (more than 1000 foodstuffs )
  • 2. USDA foodstuff database (more than 8000 foodstuffs )

Everyday foodstuff database – is a compilation of the most common items from those two sources. By common items we mean foodstuffs preferred by our clients dietitian-nutritionists.

So due to use of exact values instead of average ones our energy value calculations may differ from yours.

At the same time you can make your own foodstuff database with your parameters.

user database


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9. How to create protein or carbohydrate diet in generator?

Answer: You can use preset schemes or make your own by inputting Customer’s parameters and PFC percentage. The generator will choose schemes +-5% “relevant” to those characteristics.

10. What to do if the software is constantly hanging?

Answer:  Everyday Studio is server application. All the data is stored in cloud and processed in one data-center. If Studio fails to operate, it’s 99% due to Internet connection problems. We recommend checking connection and server availability in the first place.

You can find complete troubleshooting info in “Everyday Studio system requirements” section.