As is known, dietitian’s work is very specific, responsible and requiring keen attention to the details, as it deals with numerous customers. There is need for processing and storing a great deal of information, which is impossible, and yet unnecessary, to keep in mind.

The program, offered by Everyday company, is designed for logical structuring of the information about dietitians’ and fitness trainers’ Customers. The nutrition and exercise composing software allows to calculate diet and physical activity preferences for all the Customers in automatic mode.

The List of Customers is the most informative due to weight change parameters. The software enables unique opportunity to use preset lists of dishes and foodstuff, or compose your own sets individually adjusted to every Customer. Besides there is a possibility to specify foodstuff seasonality.

For the sake of Customers’ convenience, overseen by dietitian nutritionist, we designed special mobile application Everyday Studio.

Who might be interested in our software

Everyday Studio – newest, innovative diet composing kit. Our software fits best for:

  • Dietitians and nutritionists.
  • Nutritional centers.
  • Fitness centers and trainers.
  • Various medical facilities.

If you are successful professional willing to extend your list of Customers – Everyday Studio software is exactly what you need. It will become your indispensable assistant in diet and physical exercise compiling. It will amaze your regular Customers, draw new clients and increase your profit. With Everyday Studio software you don’t need to write down or keep in mind needed information. We have already concerned about it and designed dietitian’s software package.

What do we offer?

Exercise designer. Fitness plan is generated automatically considering organism specific features and goals set to achieve. Using Exercise designer dietitians and fitness trainers will be able to consult the customer and effectively support physical training.

On-line diet designer. Your Customers will get new quality level service with diet regulation and meal planning. A professionally composed diet will spare them health problems in future.

Dietitian’s workstation. You will provide your Customers with the highest quality service. They will always have access to their diet logs and will have no need to worry about meal planning.

Everyday Studio – unique software package, including diet, fitness and day regimen planning. It will rise dietitians’ work to new horizons and produce positive impact on Customers.

We work permanently on software improvement, maintaining the best value for money. You can make sure of that by looking through our tariff plans. Order our Everyday Studio, keep pace with the times and make your Customers happy!

Tariff plans

Number of users124
Number of customers1050100
Number of offices111
On-line supportMon-Fri 10:00-13:00Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00
Off-line support+++
User manual+++
Software updates+++
Price29$ per month49$ per month99$ per month
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