Everyday software user manual

General information

If you’re reading this section, we suggest you have applied for help to an expert using Everyday Studio – professional level software for diet and exercise planning.

Everyday mobile application – is a powerful tool which provides communication between expert and Customer and supplies information on:

  • nutrition plan, exercise plan and its separate items; 
  • food intake reminders;
  • foodstuff list for current nutrition plan;
  • notifications 

also it is possible to input info on:

  • weight and other anthropometry changes
  • unscheduled food intakes or physical loads

How does the app work?

Application is a part of Everyday Studio (ES), which is a software used by experts in healthy lifestyle (ES users) to plan and arrange nutrition and exercise programs.

When expert creates a day regimen in your profile it automatically appears in your mobile app. 

Likewise the expert receives info you input in the app. For example, as soon as you enter you weight change, your expert will get that info. Besides, you can input in the app any unscheduled actions (food intakes, exercises) to let your expert consider them.

System requirements

Application works on the majority of modern smart-phones. If you have installed it and managed to log in – it will work.

It’s important to know, that app is using Internet for data exchange with server, so for proper work it requires stable Internet connection.

If your Internet connection is unstable, it doesn’t mean the app won’t work at all. As a rule it keeps functioning due to data saving engine. Though you can face some lags and freezes mainly concerning data refresh.

How to install?

Currently there are two versions of Everyday mobile application available:

You can also use general download link

You can also install both iOS and Android versions of the app and use the same login and password. In this case the apps will work simultaneously.

How to log in?

After downloading and installing the app you will need to enter your personal login and password. You can get them in two ways:

  1. By default, as soon as your dietitian-nutritionist or fitness trainer creates your profile in Everyday Studio, you get login and password in SMS on the phone number you have given to your expert as contact. SMS may look like this:
  2. If for some reasons you didn’t get SMS or accidentally deleted it, you can always get login and password from your expert.

Main sections description

It’s important to notice, that applications for iOS and Android have different architecture and are developed separately. We work constantly on functionality improving and try to do that simultaneously for both platforms. But sometimes we can’t keep the pace so functionality and look of app may vary on different platforms.

Some screen-shots and descriptions in this manual may slightly differ from latest app version in PlayMarket and AppStore.


There are five main sections in the app:

  • Schedule
  • Statistics
  • Profile
  • Settings
  • Notifications

“Schedule” section

It is application main page. The picture below represents all app windows of this section and navigation order between them (follow green pointers).

Main window has form of calendar. By selecting date you can look through day’s schedule and go deeper to separate food intakes and even dish receipts.

There are four green buttons under the calendar so user can input info about:

  • unscheduled food intake
  • unscheduled physical load
  • weight and other anthropometry
  • look through experts and other staff contact info
By ticking off food intakes user confirms task fulfillment for his expert and for himself. If there is no tick within 3 hours, you won’t be able to tick off it later. The event goes to report with “failed” status.

“Statistics” section

There are several reports available for user in this section:

  • Weight change dynamics
  • Menu
  • Foodstuff
Weight change dynamics

In this window you can follow weight change dynamics according to the data input either by you or your expert.


This window represents your menu for current, past or following week (at your choice).


Extremely useful report displaying the list of foodstuffs necessary for your week diet (current, past or following). This list will assist you in buying food supplies.

“Profile” section

Allows changing personal info, logging in and out (Android version).

“Settings” section

In this section you can alter some application settings.

“Notifications” section

In this window you can look through notifications from your expert.


  1. If there is app malfunction (notifications problems, schedule is not displayed, stale data is displayed) or it fails to operate, we recommend the following steps in first place:
    1. log out and log in again.
    2. switch to another Internet connection (mobile, Wi-Fi etc.).
    3. switch off antivirus soft on your phone.
    4. reboot your phone and launch app.
    5. remove app, reboot your phone and reinstall the app (link for download https://app.go.pl.ua)  
  2. If the problems remain:
    1. open this link on your phone http://api.go.pl.ua/test_connection.php  and make a screen-shot
    2. do Internet connection test, for example here: https://2ip.ru/speed/  and make a screen-shot
    3. report a problem to your experts and attach screen-shots made
  3. If your expert confirms that there is schedule for you and everything should work right, it’s time to apply to tech-support. Go to on-line chat following this link. Whether there is tech-support expert on-line or not write a message as follows:
    • You first and second name
    • You chief expert’s first and second name
    • Short problem description
    • Screen-shots links (if any)

Our tech-support experts will debug the problem within 24 hours.