Planning and control

Section «Tasks» – dietitian’s workstation where you can input events with time and Customer reference and monitor their fulfillment. No one but you and your Customer will see the event list (payment, call, quarterly report etc.) You can switch between accomplished and unaccomplished tasks. Also there is your own website and by means of «Tasks» section you can arrange electronic appointments in your clinic.

Dietitian and fitness trainer joint supervision of a Customer

Diet and exercise planning program has joint supervision option which allows the Customer to be supervised not only by several dietitians, but also by a fitness trainer. Such an approach ensures top performance in achieving Customer’s purposes.

The exercise planner includes all basic drills developed and recorded by Everyday Studio. These drills can be used in Customer’s day regimen planning. Some exercises have not only text descriptions and photos but also videos.
The diet constructor is adjusted for the most structured and effective nutrition assignment using foodstuff database and meal planning sections.
Mobile apps and sms sending service

Mobile application

The punch line of Everyday Studio diet and exercise planning program is mobile application for your Customers.

Using our application, your Customer will receive notification on meals and liquid intakes;
Unplanned meals and physical activities can be traced. You can check that info at any time and alter Customer’s nutrition plan if necessary to achieve best results;
Weight and other parameters can be input in the app;
You and your Customer can follow the results dynamics;
Customer can watch drills on smart-phone.
Use of cloud technologies

Dietitian’s software makes your data logically arranged and well structured and provides round the clock access to all necessary databases from any computer or smart-phone connected to the Internet.

Foodstuff blacklist

The software allows to exclude from constructor database the foodstuff prohibited to the Customer to avoid using it in diet planning.

Integrated database of Customers

In «Customers» section you can input and store information concerning your clients: personal data, phone number, Mail, anthropometry (body measurements), payments. Among other options are: Customer filter, activity check and status change.

Foodstuff and dishes database

Diet and exercise composing software includes database of foodstuff you might want to use in nutrition planning. There are more than 4000 foodstuffs and about 2000 dishes with detailed descriptions. There you can also use USDA foodstuff database or Russian chemical composition reference book by M.Skurihin.

Diet constructor

Using our diet constructor, you can calculate on-line:

Customer’s food intake parameters: for one meal, for one day, week or month;
copy info on food intakes between Customers;
make group operation like copying week diet in one click etc.;
use preset foodstuff database to compose your own one;
use USDA foodstuff database or Russian one.
Knowledge and experience sharing

You can share your diets and exercise programs with colleagues from other canters, cities, countries.


If there is need, you can email to the Customer a text version of:

Diet and exercise programs;

Report on diet vitamins content;

Skipped events report;