Everyday Studio system requirements

To use Everyday Studio in restrained mode (browsing any data and simple data operations) you can use any device with web browser, including smart-phone or tablet.

Diet planning will require PC or laptop, as it has rather complicated interface to use gesture commands or touch screen navigation.

The most critical requirement is stable Internet connection, as 90% of data processed by Everyday Studio is stored on remote servers. Short response time and connection stability is prior to its speed.

Enhanced mode system requirements

Minimal requirements

Any office-level laptop or PC with web browser and Internet connection.

Recommended requirements

Laptop or PC with 4Gb or more RAM and Core i3 or higher processor.Full HD or higher resolution display. Any operating system with latest version web browser (Internet Explorer is not recommended). High-speed Internet connection with short response time.

Devices with macOS normally meet the requirements.

If you use VPN, we strongly recommend to switch it off while working with Studio, as it generally greatly increases response time of Internet connection.


If something doesn’t work

Everyday Studio – is server application. All the data is stored in cloud and processed in one data-center. If Studio fails to operate, it’s 99% due to Internet connection problems.

To check connection and server accessibility we suggest to open https://2ip.ru/site-availability/ page, type in “Domain” field the following address: “es.everyday.ua” and press the button “Check”.

If test results have number 200 in column HTTP code – it means our server works properly and you have consult your Internet provider.

Everyday Studio works

If Studio works but has many lags and freezes the reason is in bad Internet connection (low speed, long ping time). Try to switch off VPN (if it’s on). You can check connection speed and ping time here: https://2ip.ru/speed/

You can always apply to our tech-support, using information on page Contacts. In this case we ask to attach screen-shots of the above listed tests.

Our hosting company ensures:

  1. Operating capacity average percentage per month – not less than 99,9 %.*
  2. Package loss average percentage per month – not more than 0,5%.
  3. Breakdown response time:
    • Critical service malfunction response and recovery time – not more than 12 hours.
    • Minor service malfunction response and recovery time – not more than 24 hours.
  4. We do scheduled maintenance works on our servers and routers from time to time. We guarantee the works schedule time from 00:30 till 07:30 GMT+2. We’ll do our best to inform you about scheduled maintenance works at least 5 days in advance.
  5. Tech-support response time – not more than 4 hours. It should contain debugging expected time or recovery report.


Some particular feature malfunction

If the Studio works in general but some features cause error messages or you suggest there is something wrong – please inform us using internal bug report system. Just press “Report a bug” link in the upper part of any page

Report a bug

and describe the problem in the window opened. Our experts will try to solve the problem in short term.