Appropriate for recreation and medical centers, dietitian offices and fitness centers.
Price: 49 $ per month


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Dietitian and fitness trainer profession used to be quite uncommon not very long ago. The info in this sphere was rather scarce, and experts could work with few Customers at a time. Now everything has changed. Information about healthy life style, exercises, diets is so vast, that even experts need high quality software to arrange and structure it.

Everyday Studio diet and exercise composing software successfully copes with those tasks. We suggest dietitian’s software for any type of business – either for private practitioners, or for huge recreation and medical centers.

You can use one of the following Everyday Studio tariffs depending on your activity range:

Standard bundle

“Standard” bundle is best for big dietitian-nutritionist offices, where multiuser mode is actual. It means that multiple experts working with the same customer could use diet and exercise composing software. Full access to all the info is granted to one super user, like head of the company, chief expert etc.

Everyday Studio “Standard” bundle has the following sections:

Customers – you have access to all the info concerning your Customers. Not only name, age and other standard data, but also day regimen, suggestions, goals, weaknesses etc. You no longer need to keep it all in mind or search in scattered notes before each session. The software also allows to track Customer’s progress and visualize parameters. The info about fees and payments is kept here as well;

Scheduler – your experts can make individual diet and exercise plans for their Customers. The software has an option to export the diet or menu and email it to Customer;

Tasks – a handy schedule where all the arrangements can be kept. Using it you’ll never forget about the session, payment time or important call. Everyday Studio will promptly inform you on all the arrangements;

Library – has all the elements for diet and exercise planning. You can either use Everyday Studio groundwork or add yours!

Manual – using this section your staff won’t spend much time to get into the work. Text and video guides will help to master Everyday Studio quickly.


Document for print and email:

Notifications from Customer to expert’s email:

  • anthropometry
  • unscheduled food intake

Apart from the above mentioned options “Standard” bundle has “Diet generator” function. After you input Customer’s parameters the program will automatically generate nutrition plan and menu, which you can either alter or use as it is. We used the best experience of worldwide known dietitians to design “Diet generator”. Exercise planning program can generate various reports, including Customer’s vitamins intake.

Another nice feature of “Standard” bundle is a possibility to advertise your business on our website (optional).

Take advantage of using “Standard” bundle just for 49$ per month and get a number of tasks of your recreation or medical center fulfilled. If you wish to expand your business – get acquainted with “Ultra” bundle!