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Price: 99 $ per month


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Big nutritional centers are in great demand in Ukraine today as the Customers seek all-inclusive service. Multi-professional staff, modern equipment and innovative solutions help to achieve the aims in short terms.

Successful functioning of any business is impossible without optimization at least of basic process. Using state-of-the-art software for nutritional centers you not only keep the pace with the times, but also maintain Customers loyalty and attract new ones.  

Nutritional center workstation Everyday Studio does all of that. We offer 3 tariff plans depending on your business scale:

Big nutritional centers prefer to use bundles with maximum functionality. 

“Ultra” bundle

Choosing this tariff for 99$ per month you get an opportunity to make your own network on the basis of Everyday Studio software. Your staff gets unlimited access to useful info in the following sections:

  • Customers – complete info about your clients including contacts, anthropometry reports, diet and exercise plans, minerals and vitamins intake reports, payments etc.;
  • Library – a ready database for creating Customer’s day regimen. You can either use preset components to plan nutrition and exercises or add yours to database.
  • Diet generator – a built-in function which will generate a menu or diet as soon as you input Customer’s parameters;
  • Scheduler – a handy tool to plan diet and exercises. The Customer can either access it directly from mobile application or get it on email;
  • Tasks – note all the arrangements: meetings, trainings, calls, payments etc. You can plan staff operating schedule in this section, control workload and tasks intersection;
  • Administration – tools for administrative staff: gives access to staff and Customers info, allows to input suppliers contacts etc.;
  • Statistics – complete analytics on nutritional center operations. You will know the number of new Customers, sessions, results, income etc.;
  • Manual – helps your staff to master the software using text and video guides.
  • Lifestyle and nutrition analysis – test that objectively evaluates Customer’s lifestyle and nutrition habits.


Document for print and email:

Notifications from Customer to expert’s email:


  • anthropometry
  • unscheduled food intake
  • unscheduled physical load

Nutritional center workstation “Ultra” bundle by Everyday Studio can cope all your tasks and even more!